How a simple shift of perspective can change the way you do things, and ultimately change your level of success.

Finding, creating, and managing success isn’t an easy feat by any set of standards. Life can be is full, busy, messy, and unpredictable- so flying by the seat of your pants to find success just doesn’t make sense. There are too many factors, day-to-day, that will derail you if you aren’t prepared for the next step in your journey. When I sat down to talk with Wendy Lipton-Dibner, global strategist and bestselling author of ‘Focus On Impact‘, she had quite a bit to say about this… and even presented a 10-step road map!

Sequence and Success Are BFF’s – Sequence + Success

According to Wendy, if we are destined to get anywhere fast, we should never ‘go out of sequence’ or we would most certainly end up lost, hitting roadblocks, or taking longer to reach our destination.  What she is referring to is a roadmap.  This roadmap will guide you in your business to help you reach your goals, all while keeping your focus on the impact rather than the potential profit.

“Every single thing we do out of sequence only postpones the amount of impact we can have in the world.” -Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Living a life by design is not a brand new idea. However, the core concept behind ‘Focus On Impact’ is quite a novel view on business as usual. Wendy shared her theory about shifting focus from what will make the most money, to what will make the largest impact. By making this shift, Wendy explained that it has proven time and again that your success and overall value of life will be increased tremendously. The idea that business focus should not always be about money and profit is becoming more and more prevalent as the culture transitions into stronger entrepreneurial principles that focus more on making a difference. Giving your business a reason to thrive builds a foundation that goes deeper than just profits and you always have a reason to continue pushing forward towards growth.

Focusing On Money Is Setting You Back

I have to agree with Wendy on her philosophy of where the focus should be when it comes to growing a business. It is difficult to make as big of a difference when all you ever do is focus on money. There has to be more of a ‘why’ and there has to be more planning. You have to ask yourself ‘how can I make the biggest measurable difference in this thing I am doing? What do I need to do right now?’


“When the difference makers turn their focus to money, everyone loses.”   -Wendy Lipton-Dibner


You will find yourself in a much better place with clients and sales when you are asking questions that lead to money, rather than asking for money. It’s an entirely new mentality, a shift in perspective that will forever change the way you do business.

There Really is A Map!

A map like Wendy’s just can’t stay a secret. In business, a typical mindset is that the next step is just going to reveal itself, even though experience shows, time and time again, that this simply isn’t true. The key is to using this map is self-discipline. To get from New York to California, you can’t go straight to your favorite state and stay there. Too many inventors and entrepreneurs skip straight to the things they feel most comfortable in, like product design and development, and stay there in permanent potential. You must go through each step in order and do the work required. The sequence of the steps are the accelerator, so make sure you don’t become your own traffic jam or road block.

The 10-Step Map to Reach Millions, Make Millions and Love Your Life Along the Way
CREDIT: Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Looking Forward Into The Future

Of course I had to ask what’s next for Wendy and, her vision for the future is larger than life. By developing this map, and working through ‘Focus On Impact’, Wendy has gained clarity on her own journey and where she believes she fits in the grand scheme of things. Her answer was simple and profound all at once: “I want to connect with difference makers around the world to help them make their biggest impact yet, faster.”

Read the original INC article published on June 3, 2016.