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Abby is the eComm Implementation Manager at Shapiro, a Freight Forwarder and Broker that has been around for more than 100 years. We are a preferred logistics provider of Amazon’s FBA program, but handle all sorts of e-commerce.

Founded in 1915, Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. is a third generation family-owned business in the US, provides creative and flexible logistics services. Our motto is ‘We Deliver. Problem Solved.’

With four offices, over 100 employees and worldwide strategic alliances, Shapiro is the supply chain partner that delivers customized, compliant, and reliable solutions to address your specific import and export needs. Shapiro has an experienced and personable staff that truly cares about your company and commits themselves to proactively achieving your business goals.

Abby has been with Shapiro for four years and has been a powerful force within the eCommerce team. She is happy to help clients learn all the ins and outs of the International Shipping industry on their adventure in e-commerce. In her free time, she enjoys chocolate ice cream, hanging out with her dogs, and roller derby.


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