Betsy Westhafer


Betsy loves business! Throughout her career, Betsy has had the privilege of observing business at the highest levels while delivering executive-level Customer Advisory Boards for companies including Dell, LexisNexis, Springer, VeriSign and other large tech companies in the US, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.
As an entrepreneur, she understands the joys and challenges of growing a business and ensuring that the customers are served at levels that blow past expectations. What Betsy loves most about her work is knowing that every single time a group of executives gather in a boardroom for a Customer Advisory Board, there will be an aha moment for her clients that results big new opportunities. Every single time.
Betsy is also the author of the #1 Best Seller, “ProphetAbility – The revealing story of why companies succeed, fail, or bounce back.”

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+ PLH 81 | Executive Level Customer Advisory Board

Guiding Brand Growth With An Executive Level Customer Advisory Board with Betsy Westhafer

In order to have sustained and continued innovation, have brand development, and growing your brand to be bigger, you’ve got to be aligned with what your customers think and what...Read More

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