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As product developers, inventors, and marketers, we often get caught up in the complex process of product development, manufacturing and marketing. One common mistake that causes failure to launch products...Read More



PLH 115 | Protecting Product Inventors Rights

Product Inventors Rights with Natasha and Fred Ruckel

August 20, 2019
  In this day and age, the quest to be different and stand out has become so competitive that it...
PLH 114 | Product Sourcing In Asia

Asian Sourcing Tips with Rhod Needham

July 3, 2019
  Broadening your lines and reaching out to source products beyond Amazon can sometimes be daunting for many entrepreneurs out...
PLH 113 | As Stolen On TV

As Stolen On TV with Paula Brillson Phillips

June 11, 2019
  There are some inventors who are not so lucky when it comes to owning their products and gaining the...
PLH 112 | Food Product Startups

From Shark Tank To The Kids Table: Food Product Start-Up Lessons with Joanna Parker

June 4, 2019
  Joanna Parker, the co-founder of Yumble, explains how she was inspired to open her own company as a mom....


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