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It’s not about you or me, it’s about the consumer // their needs // their wants // their core values. That is what drives and maintains loyalty. I live in the world of // who? // where? // when? // how? // and most importantly, WHY? If you don’t understand how your customer thinks, they won’t stick around. My expertise is in // focus groups and small talks // in-depth interviews // in-home use tests // usability // quantitative research // online boards. My research background is with // Target // Starbucks // Disney // Mars // Estee Lauder // Del Monte // Kohl’s // …and beyond. I am candid // direct // spirited // Mid-western at heart. Let’s get started.


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+ PLH 83 | Best Consumer Market Research Tools

Best Consumer Market Research Tools – Field Agent with Rick West

When you’re selling a product or service, you need to be able to know people’s feedback in order to improve. But how? Through research, of course. Tracy, together with Laura...Read More
+ PLH 70 | Market Research

Missteps In The Early Market Research Process with Laura Hazzard

If you don’t understand who’s buying your product, how can you make a product for them? That’s what research is in a nutshell, but secondary research is understanding what exists...Read More
+ PLH 55 | Market Research Timeline

Market Research Timeline: What Research to Do and When

In general, most, if not all of you here right now are at different stages of product development. Some of you might be drafting your ideas, some of you might...Read More
+ PLH Avoid These Top 7 Market Research Mistakes | Product Research

Avoid These Top 7 Market Research Mistakes

Our resident consumer market research expert Laura Hazzard warns product launchers about the top 7 consumer market research mistakes that can cause a lot of damage and possibly torpedo your...Read More

Meet Market Research Expert Laura Hazzard

When you’re selling something, some questions that come up in your mind are, are people going to buy what you’re selling? Are they going to respond to it? What features...Read More

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