Paul D’Souza

Paul D'Souza
Logistics & Sales Revenue-Generating Operations Expert
Advertising / Marketing | LogisticsSales | Strategic Planning

I do one thing … I fix Revenue Numbers.
Paul helps business leaders increase sales. His primary offer is Chief Revenue Officer as a Service (CROaaS) Paul believes that how customers buy today has changed significantly; which requires people to sell differently. Paul also believes that all business is personal and that the fundamental ingredients to success are trust and authenticity that is applied to your customer’s “Specific” & “Budgeted” needs – Welcome to the Market of One.

Over the past 25 years, Paul has consulted, spoken to and mentored people; helping them increase revenue and profits in a sustainable manner. The most effective strategies have always included elements that improve a company’s …

1. Go-To-Market / SALES STRATEGY
2. SALES PROCESS that accelerates buying cycles
3. SALES PEOPLE & Their SKILLS producing peak performance

Paul published a book titled “The Market Has Changed – Have You?“. Which was written for client-facing people in business that had a revenue commitment. It did well.

Let’s have a conversation about how we could help you increase impact and revenue.

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