Rich Goldstein

Rich Goldstein
Small Business IP Expert
IP/Patent Law

Rich Goldstein is registered U.S. patent attorney. He founded his IP boutique firm, Goldstein Patent Law, nearly two decades ago. His firm specializes in patent prosecution and represents small business, start-ups, and inventors in their quest to obtain patent protection.

To date, he has obtained nearly 2000 patents for his clients. He has also led business, sales, and personal growth workshops and trainings for thousands of people throughout the United States. He is passionate about IP, learning, achieving, and helping others achieve success and happiness. In addition to writing about patents, he enjoys writing about the leadership, personal development, and marketing practices that he has discovered work best.

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Maybe you have a fresh idea or product concept that is underway, and you are thinking whether filing for patent will help you and your business. Attorney Rich Goldstein, founder...Read More
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