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Tracy Hazzard, Inc. Columnist and CEO of Hazz Design has co-designed and developed 250+ products generating almost $2 Billion in revenue for her retail clients. Tracy has had products in all major e-commerce and mass-market retailers; office superstores; electronics boutiques; and wholesale clubs, including the best-selling mesh office chair at Costco. For over 25 years, she has worked with design-leading brands like Martha Stewart Living and Herman Miller and is an expert in product, furniture, color and materials.

Tracy develops products from around the world and travels to Asia frequently to inspect, certify and work with her clients’ factory suppliers. Along with her partner, Tom Hazzard, she holds over 37 utility and design patents with an unprecedented 86% commercialization rate. Their intentional invention process has been the key to keeping her clients knock-off proof and is the foundation for her new invite-only collaborative community built to rev up original retail product sales with the right things in the right order with the right resources.

Besides being featured at SXSW 2018, the Prosper Show, and in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Wired, CNN Money, and as an Innovation Columnist for Inc., Tracy is also a contributor to ThriveGlobal, and the best-selling author of Guerrilla Patent Tactics and Successful Launching By Design. Tracy co-hosts weekly the top-ranked podcasts: Product Launch Hazzards, Feed Your Brand, and WTFFF?! 3D Printing: the 3D Start Point for disruptive technology.

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