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Now we get to six, which is also our fun one. We’re going to Produce It. We’re making it. There’s a lot to that. There’s manufacturing, there’s packaging, there’s QC, there’s QA, there’s shipping, there’s MOQ to deal with, which is minimum order quantities, there’s quality, there’s customer service. You’ve got to shift your selling store up, you’ve got to get your Amazon listings – there’s a whole ton of stuff you got to do at this stage but it all starts with being ready to kick the PO off. That’s where I sit back and say if you’re not ready at the end of the Protect It to put your money down on it, if you’re not ready to pay 50% down or a third down or whatever you’re able to negotiate on it, if you’re not ready at that stage, you are not ready to be starting this production stage. Hold off. Check your timing. Make sure it’s right. Don’t wait too long though if you’re trying to hit a holiday season or you’re trying to get orders in before Chinese New Year. Make sure you’ve got everything in. All of a sudden, you’re going to need all this stuff. You’re going to need a QC document, you’re going to need a quality control specification. You’re going to need all of these things. You’ve got to make sure all of that is in line and your package is ready or technical specifications are ready, you have all the information you need to issue a purchase order. It’s a great time for you to go dial that in.

In the resource library we share with you our critical factors document, our specifications documents, use them. They’re not right for every product. There’s lots of stuff you could skip there. There might be stuff you need to add. Especially if you have electrical products. If you have batteries, if you have circuit boards, if you have any of those things, you should add a whole section of all kinds of testing and other things. This is the time to do testing, to do actual UL listing if that’s what’s required, but actually physically test your product for point of destruction like when it falls apart. Use testing, whatever it might be. Cycle testing. Abrasion for fabric. It can also be just testing to make sure that the product actually does what you ask that it would do or that you specified it would do. You talked about quality things and it’s very true. Especially if you’re doing something that does use batteries or involves electrical engineering in any way. Just because you provide requirements and you detail them outright, you set the expectations up with the manufacturer from the get go for what you expect and need this product to do and be, then the manufacturer makes it, but how do you know that they did it right?

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