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Here’s the one that has bought the cost explosion and if you’ve done everything right up to this point, you could still go wrong if you didn’t plan this part as well, and that’s Promote It. That’s number seven. This whole cycle is a whole promotional plan process. It has to go right in line with that Plan It cycle that you were doing at step number three that you have to have your promotional plan and you have to have a team on it. This is where we see people go so wrong. You are caught up in doing everything and wearing all the hats. You’re doing all of it. You’re doing the production, you’re doing the prototype, you’re doing all of these things yourselves. When you don’t have a resource team, the thing that falls off is perhaps the promotion. With Amazon sellers, it’s all promotions and the product start to fall off. It’s one or the other. There’s always seems to be a balanced tip.

This is where I want you to think about hiring into your weakness. This is where you find yourself a resource who is going to balance that out and take it so that you can spend the time on the thing that you’re expert at and if you’re an expert at promoting is going to make a huge difference in the product. Just make sure your product isn’t junk when you get it so put somebody in who can help you with that. Spend some money there on a resource who knows what they’re doing. It’s worth it. If you don’t know how to promote it, if that’s not your thing and you’re all about the product, great, good for you, but get somebody in to make sure that promotional plan is sound. Make sure you are going to hit the ground running and you’re going to maximize your promotion opportunity from the moment it hits the shelf or the warehouse shelf and that you are going to maximize your opportunity for sales because it’s seasonal for so many companies.

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Amazon Expert - Product Partner or DIY Training


Brenda Crimi

Amazon | Ecommerce | Online Selling
Brenda Crimi’s entrepreneur career spans over 20 years, during which time she’s operated several successful businesses, to include owning and operating a national franchise, consulting on systemizing small businesses, and inventing and bringing to market an award winning organizing product.

eCommerce Launch Research & Planning Expert


Caleb Allen

Advertising/Marketing | Amazon | Ecommerce | Online Selling
I am a product launch innovator.

Amazon Listing Management Expert


Jenna Lieber

Amazon | Ecommerce | Retail Sales | Sales

TurnKey Product Management is a full-service consulting agency that is here to help companies like yours grow your sales on Amazon. We currently sell over $1,000,000 per month on Amazon. We pride ourselves on making sure that our clients are set up for long term success on Amazon.

Amazon Product Management Expert


Jeff Lieber

Amazon | Ecommerce | Retail Sales | Sales
I’m Jeff Lieber, founder of TurnKey Product Management. I am from San Diego and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for college. After graduation, I moved to San Francisco to work for a healthcare auditing company, where I worked for over 4 years. Towards the end of my time at that company, I wanted to start my own…

Retail Sales & Buyer Connection Expert


Joseph Tarnowski

Content Strategy | Mass Market Retail | Retail Sales | Sales

Market Research Expert


Laura Hazzard

Advertising / Marketing | Creative Direction | Strategic Planning

It’s not about you or me, it’s about the consumer // their needs // their wants // their core values. That is what drives and maintains loyalty. I live in the world of // who? // where? // when? // how? // and most importantly, WHY? If you don’t understand how your customer thinks, they won’t stick around.

Direct–to–Consumer & Video Marketing Expert


Rick Cesari

Advertising / Marketing | Strategic Planning

Rick followed his passion for nutrition, building his first business Trillium Health Products to over $75 million in sales in only 4 years and creating both The Juiceman and Breadman brands. While still in his early 30’s he founded Cesari Response Television, Inc. as a marketing agency to help other companies use direct response video marketing to build their brands, increase sales and grow their businesses.

Big Box Retail Sales Expert & On The Shelf Podcast Host


Timothy Bush

Business Development | Mass Market Retail | Retail Sales | Sales
Timothy Bush is currently the Owner of TLB Consulting, a company which has specialized in connecting companies and their products with Costco and other large retail chains since 2009. Mr. Bush’s first hand knowledge of Costco makes his company a destination for individuals and companies looking to understand this large retailer.

Strategic Design & Development, Rapid Prototyping Expert


Tom Hazzard

Creative Direction | Development Engineering | IP/Patent Law | Product Design

An inventor with 37 patents and an unprecedented 86% success rate for consumer product designs, Tom Hazzard has been rethinking brand innovation to design in success for over 25 years. Tom’s patented innovations provide entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes a system to spread their brand, grow valuable consumers, and diversify into higher converting revenue streams without a lot of time, cost…

Product Launch Expert in Strategy, Design & Development


Tracy Hazzard

China Sourcing | Mass Market Retail | Product Design | Strategic Planning

Tracy Hazzard, Inc. Columnist and CEO of Hazz Design has co-designed and developed 250+ products generating almost $2 Billion in revenue for her retail clients. Tracy has had products in all major e-commerce and mass-market retailers; office superstores; electronics boutiques; and wholesale clubs, including the best-selling mesh office chair at Costco.

President & Co-founder


Will Ford

Advertising / Marketing | Business Development | Creative Direction | Digital Strategy

LaunchBoom is the most effective product launch system and full service marketing agency that manages the entire crowdfunding process from start to finish. We partner with companies looking to launch new innovative products on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and we always deliver successful campaigns.