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Prove It

Prove It is critical because I’m sure all you are very passionate about the products that you want to bring to market and you should be. If you’re not passionate about it, then you shouldn’t do it. Just because you’re passionate about it and you believe there is a big market for it, it does not matter what you believe. I’ve seen many people over many years say, “I know there’s a market for this. I’m confident.” I’m glad you’re confident, but sometimes that confidence can have you blow a whole lot of money on something that if you had spent some time proving there was a market that as Tracy often says that, “The dogs will eat the dog food.” When you put it out there, you would be able to save yourself a lot of time, a lot of headache, and more importantly, a lot of money and not risk your financial future on something that is unproven. You need to prove it.

Think about it this way. You’re proving a hypothesis. That is a scientific process. Our 7P Process is set up in that way to be a scientific process. It is one of those things where it is absolutely easy to make sure that you are a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re making it so. What we’re looking for here is for you to say, “I’m going to be open to the information of what I gather along the way. I’m going to prove my hypothesis is correct because I believe in this, but I am not going to close my mind off to refining it, to make it better, make it salable, make it right. Maybe find out that the idea I had isn’t right for this market, but it might be right for this market over here.” We want you to look at it from that perspective. It is not about disproving your product idea. It’s about refining it and proving that it will work in the way that you intended it to having an impact on society or consumer product goods, whatever it is that your intention is for.

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Strategic Design & Development, Rapid Prototyping Expert


Tom Hazzard

Creative Direction | Development Engineering IP/Patent Law | Product Design

An inventor with 37 patents and an unprecedented 86% success rate for consumer product designs, Tom Hazzard has been rethinking brand innovation to design in success for over 25 years. Tom’s patented innovations provide entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes a system to spread their brand, grow valuable consumers, and diversify into higher converting revenue streams without a lot of time, cost or effort.

Market Research Expert


Laura Hazzard

Advertising / Marketing | Creative Direction | Strategic Planning

It’s not about you or me, it’s about the consumer // their needs // their wants // their core values. That is what drives and maintains loyalty. I live in the world of // who? // where? // when? // how? // and most importantly, WHY? If you don’t understand how your customer thinks, they won’t stick around.

Product Launch Expert in Strategy, Design & Development


Tracy Hazzard

China Sourcing | Mass Market Retail | Product Design | Strategic Planning

Tracy Hazzard, Inc. Columnist and CEO of Hazz Design has co-designed and developed 250+ products generating almost $2 Billion in revenue for her retail clients. Tracy has had products in all major e-commerce and mass-market retailers; office superstores; electronics boutiques; and wholesale clubs, including the best-selling mesh office chair at Costco.