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The Product Launch Hazzards Partners are here because they have proven programs and positive results. While it would be great to say they each have decades of experience in their respective fields of expertise, there are many new digital advances requiring new skills. But we take care to carefully screen our partners, requiring referrals and recommendations from our experts before consideration. In many cases, there is a financial arrangement between Product Launch Hazzards and these Partners, in the form of affiliate commission or marketing advertisement fee. Please support us by using the links to these partners to connect or buy from them. It helps us keep your membership fees from rising.

If you have or had a bad experience with any of our Partners, please send us a private message.

Consumer Advisory Consultant


Betsy Westhafer

Betsy loves business! Throughout her career, Betsy has had the privilege of observing business at the highest levels while delivering executive-level Customer Advisory Boards for companies including…

eCommerce Launch Research & Planning Expert


Caleb Allen

I am a product launch innovator.

Branding Evangelist


Gerry Foster

Gerry Foster, a highly accomplished brand strategist, is the President of Gerry Foster Branding, a Brand Development and Training Company based in Los Angeles, CA. He is the creator of the Big Brand Formula which shows small business owners how to create a big brand, and a strong message that sells, so you can…

Online Marketing Expert


Ian Smith

We use content to gain customers online.

Learn how we do this by visiting our landing page with videos explaining our strategies. Want to stand out from your competitors and build strong brand authority? Want high quality leads and long lasting customers?

Logistics, Distribution & Freight Forwarding Expert


Jimmy Tran

Logistics & Sales Revenue-Generating Operations Expert


Paul D’Souza

I do one thing … I fix Revenue Numbers.
Paul helps business leaders increase sales. His primary offer is Chief Revenue Officer as a…