Ian Smith

Ian Smith
Advertising / Marketing Content Strategy Digital Strategy Online Selling
Advertising / Marketing | Content Strategy | Digital Strategy | Online Selling

We use content to gain customers online.
Learn how we do this by visiting our landing page with videos explaining our strategies.


Want to stand out from your competitors and build strong brand authority? Want high quality leads and long lasting customers?

Content Marketing is the strategy that will help you stand out from your competition and build a stronger relationship with your customers. It increases your conversion rates and average cart value, while helping your bran gain credibility with your customers.

When potential customers are able to interact with your brand through consuming high-value content, then they have a higher level of trust, your brand seems more credible, they tend to buy from you more than once, and they’re more likely to tell their friends about how incredible your products and services are.

At Evolve Media, we create and distribute HIGH-VALUE content for our clients.

Whether we’re selling products or generating leads, we create content that educates and informs Online Shoppers. The forms of content we create are videos, graphics, and written content, then distribute this content on landing pages, Facebook ads, and emails. We create sales funnels using this content which soft sell the prospects on why our client’s product or service is the solution to the prospect’s problem.

We’ve helped our clients generate millions in sales, increase their average cart value, and grow customer lists that make repeat purchases.


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