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PLH 101 | Chatbots

Leveraging E-Commerce Chatbots For Product Launching with Michelle Barnum Smith

January 18, 2019
  It costs to play today. Product launching is no exemption. It’s not a fast return on investment as much...
PLH 100 | Amazon Promotions

Influencing Multiple Unit Purchases With The Right Amazon Promotions with Jenna Lieber

January 15, 2019
  There are so many products sold on Amazon, yet if you take a look at them, the majority tends...

Radical Innovation: How to Shift from Incremental to Lasting Change

January 9, 2019
Leadership and business call for radical innovation if you wish to survive. Volatile, rapidly changing, unpredictable… these are just a...

This Brilliant Holiday Gift Guide Shows Us How Advertising Should Be Done

January 7, 2019
Digital Trends packed massive impact into 3d miniature effects with this holiday product guide. Every year, my inbox fills up with holiday...