Amazon Super User’s Feature Wish List

An Amazon Super User’s Feature Wish List

I am an unapologetic Amazon Super User. Posed in my LinkedIn feed recently was a question – “What was the first book you bought on Amazon?” The answer from the back end “Your Orders” section was the answer that my first book was purchased in 1998. I only placed one order that year. Since then my order pace has steadily increased to a high this year of over 250 orders and 170 Kindle books. This does not include Amazon Fresh orders. My orders have increased because Amazon has saved me, my growing family, and my business time and money. I am not shopping more; Amazon has just taken away my business from other mass retailers. I believe that makes me an Amazon Super User by all definitions.

As an Amazon Super User, I have a very specific wish list for features to help handle a high order pace. These are nice-to-have features for any back-end, but as order pace increases with user loyalty, continuing to show support to those that helped you grow is a smart strategy. Perhaps these features will help you develop a better back end to help encourage and support your Super User.

  • Payments Summary When you place 250+ orders, you don’t place them in isolation – one at a time; weeks apart – sometimes you place multiple in a day. Add to that placing an order for multiple items within one order. Typically they ship separately, causing separate charges to your credit card. This is a nightmare for cash flow management. Which charge is from which order? Did you get properly charged for all items? Amazon Super Users need a Payment Summary section where you can see all the charges (and credits) and their referenced orders (and maybe even a list of the items as well). That way you can run down the charges made to your account and reconcile against the orders and your checkbook.
  • Filter By “Not Yet Delivered” – When you place a lot of orders at once Christmas shopping, you do not always know what has and hasn’t arrived yet. Especially if it takes you a couple of days to escape prying eyes to open all the boxes. Currently you can sort by “Open Orders” but open orders are those that have not yet been shipped. To find out if an order has not yet arrived, you have to sift through all the orders placed and review the status. Sometimes you even have to go into the order details to check on a specific item. It would be great to have a quick filter to see that I am only waiting on one item to arrive and check when it will arrive.
  • Auto-Entry to Quicken – Immediately after placing orders, I go directly to my Quicken checkbook and enter the total order amount so I am sure to keep an accurate record of what was spent and my checkbook up to date. Reconciling this is always difficult (and time-consuming) because the total order amount will end up broken up when the charges are actually made based on which items ship, but it would be nice to be able to have an option to auto-enter this for me. Similar to a calendar download when you book a flight or hotel.
  • App Package Tracking – I appreciate the push notifications I receive on my phone from my Amazon Shop App when an item has been delivered. But, I still have to go into the App and review the orders to see which one has been received. Not an issue is you are only waiting on one package but when you are waiting on ten, it is confusing. Junecloud shotI use the free JuneCloud Widget and App for tracking every package that is not from Amazon, but it is a manual entry process. I don’t bother to take the time to enter in the numerous tracking numbers from Amazon. I would love a quick reference like this that shows me the number of days until my Amazon packages will arrive all in one place.

So this holiday, my Wish is that retailers, especially big ones like Amazon, don’t forget those Super Users that make them strong throughout the year. Super Users keep you in the black on more days than Black Friday. Give them the gift of features that show them their high volume loyal business is recognized and appreciated.